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PROFOOD has, since its founding, become an internationally renowned global enterprise. Our global network and contacts in so many different countries, has helped to  secure our economic success, however we remain mindful of our social responsibility toward the socially disadvantaged and underpriviledged and our duty to make a contribution to society, in the countries in which we operate. Our business success enables us to provide aid to those people most in need.

Among the numerous social projects that PROFOOD has supported in recent years, an shining example of which is as follows:

House HAYAG, Cebu Philippines:

Philippines: A country offering (almost) no opportunities. To starve or sell their own bodies? Unfortunately, many young girls in the slums of poor countries are faced with this decision. A school education or training program is beyond imagination for these slum kids of Cebu, or those from poor Philippine families. Many of them are orphans who have had to scrape a living for themselves. Even basic hygiene practices like ‘brushing teeth’ or ‘washing hands’ is foreign to these youngsters.

"Education against Poverty" enables the House HAYAG Aid Project to create a future with dignity for children in the Philippines. HAYAG is divided into three branches as follows:




House HAYAG, located within the slums of Cebu City, is the center and “heart” of the project. The "HAYAG Children", which we support, as part of the three auxiliary columns, come from impoverished and destitute circumstances. HAYAG gives them the opportunity to escape from these hopeless conditions without perspective - or to simply experience the joy a having full stomach.

PROFOOD is commited to long term financial support of House HAYAG, which will enable many more children to benefit from this extraordinary Project.

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