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Our wide-ranging international supply structure secures a continous supply of goods, even in difficult market situations. We are therefore able to remain flexible and independant of national market fluctuations, guaranteeing prompt reaction to customer demand.


Our product range encompasses fresh and frozen beef, pork and poultry,  in complete or part batches.

Our emphasis lies, in particular, on supplying raw material to the meat processing industry, as well as on customer specific requirements packaged , for the food service industry both wholesale and retail.

PROFOOD not only operates as a meat trader but also continously takes delivery of a wide-ranging mix of fresh meat products, from EC approved abattoirs and cutting plants, for packaging and freezing in selected coldstores in Germany and Holland. In this way PROFOOD is able to offer customers its a specialised assortment of products, in consistlently high standards of quality and quantity. PROFOOD products, packed and distributed, under the "PROFOOD" brand name, have become the preferred choice for many of our customers. To our suppliers PROFOOD is not just a reliable partner in the worldwide distribution of their products but is also a steady customer, buying of a large range of fresh and frozen meat products.

Fish and Seafood

Our fish and seafood product range encompasses raw material for the fish processing industry, as well as packaged products for the food service industry, both retail and wholesale. In widening our product range we are able to offer fish procured from diverse origins. Our choice of suppliers has enabled us to achieve our goals of guaranteed supply of the highest quality products, with the greatest flexibility in customer packaging requirements.  On site goods and supplier inspection, carried out by PROFOOD's own staff members, guarantees  the highest quality standards.


This product range encompasses the supply of products to the food service industry both wholesale and retail. We aim to offer a large variety of top quality vegetables from widely diverse origins, with the same level of efficiency that we practice in the meat trade.


In the selection of product supplied to you, we pay attention only to trade with producers, who fulfill the most stringent requirements of the highest standards in quality, hygiene, operations and manufacturing practices. Our guarantee of the highest and most consistent quality to our customers is achieved through these long term business relationships we enjoy with our suppliers. 


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