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PRO FOOD donates 40.000 EUR to House HAYAG in the Philippines!

PRO FOOD has been supporting House HAYAG in Cebu, The Philippines since 2014. House HAYAG is a project for socially disadvantaged or homeless children and youth, designed to raise them out of their Poverty. House HAYAG offers...more

Pro Food Netherlands B.V. is relocating!

Pro Food Netherlands B.V.‘s new address as of the 25th March 2016 is as follows: Albert Schweitzerstraat 9A 7131 PG  Lichtenvoorde The Netherlands All telephone numbers will remain unchanged. The previous postbox address...more

15 Jahre Pro Food!!!

Allen Mitarbeitern, Kunden, Lieferanten, Dienstleistern die Pro Food in den letzten 15 Jahren begleitet haben, möchte ich Danken und freue mich auf die gemeinsame Zukunft unseres Unternehmens!! - Philipp Rhode -more


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