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Thanks to our own warehousing capacity we are able to guarantee delivery of a consistently high quality and quantity.

At our two packing plants in Germany and the one in Holland, we continuously stock more than 3,000 tons of our own frozen meat and meat products.

For our Clients  PROFOOD is not only a connection between customer and supplier. Through our own stockholding we are able to supply our customers, even during difficult market situations, where product is scarce or seemingly unbotainable. We are also able to close long term delivery contracts with our customers or to build up stocks which are kept on call for delivery, in high volumes with short lead times, where demand is fluctuating. For customers who continually order a particular range of products we are able to guarantee long term delivery of consistent quality and quantity. 

For our Suppliers Thanks to our own warehousing capacity we have established a product range which we continually procure from our suppliers. In this way we guarantee our suppliers the ability to consistently take delivery of their product offering. In crisis situations or during shrinking market demand we are the partner who reliably takes delivery even when the export market fails.


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