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In our premises we pack and freeze meat products for the food service and manufacturing industries. 

Since founding PROFOOD in 2000 our focus has not only been on trading but also the production of our own range of products. Therefore we procure a wide variety of fresh meat products only from EC approved slaughter and cutting plants, which are then packed and frozen to specification, in selected German and Dutch cold stores.  We currently have one meat packing plant in Holland and two in Germany. In this way PROFOOD is able to offer its customers their own requirements supplied to a consistently high quality and quantity. In summary PROFOOD packs and freezes by-products and manufaturing materials from medium sized abattoirs and cutting plants with a capacity of more than 100,000 pigs, 1,500,000 chickens, as well as 100,000 turkeys per week. All products are strictly quality controlled and only products of the finest quality are subsequently packed and frozen by PROFOOD. Many customers have selected PROFOOD as their "number one" choice and have come to rely on "PROFOOD" branded products. Our EC plant numbers DE NW 90888 EG and NL 80 EG, are well established as a brand mark in the Asian market. Using our own packing plants we are able to timeously react to the individual requirements and specifications of our customers and the widely variable export market. Additonal to the diverse range of packaging offered, the possibility exists to cut and apportion products exactly to meet customer requirements.

To our suppliers, PROFOOD is not just a reliable partner in the worldwide distribution of their products but a consistantly large buyer of their extensive ranges of fresh and frozen meat products.


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